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Pitt Head Walk$67.00

  • A stunning lookout vantage to the Northern end of the Park

  • You can see the remnants of an old Maori Pa site

  • Excellent views over the crescent-shaped Te Pukatea Bay

Aqua Taxi from Marahau/Kaiteriteri to Anchorage Bay and walk the Pitt Head Loop Track (1 hr round trip via beautiful Te Pukatea Bay) to meet your return Aqua Taxi.

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Aqua Taxi coming in to land at Te Pukatea Bay (near Pitt Head)

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Pitt Head Walk Journey

  • 1 Aqua Taxi from Marahau & Kaiteriteri to Anchorage


    You will pass several off-shore islands which provide a protected habitat for native wildlife. This stretch of water is called the Astrolabe Roadstead named by Dumont Durville. Roadstead was a term early seafarers used to describe safe sheltered waters.

    Places of interest: Kaiteriteri, Aqua Taxi Marahau Base, Aqua Taxi Kaiteriteri Base, Split Apple Rock, Marahau, Adele Island, Fisherman Island, Aquapackers Floating Accommodation, Anchorage

  • 2 Walk the Pitt Head Loop Track


    A one hour round trip that takes you past the beautiful Te Pukatea Bay and to Pitt Head, an ancient Maori Pa (fortification). The pa trenches are still visible when you walk over the bridge on this section of track. The site has panoramic views up into the Northern part of the park and towards the North Island.

    Places of interest: Te Pukeatea Bay, Anchorage

  • 3 Aqua Taxi return journey from Anchorage to Marahau & Kaiteriteri

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May, June, July, August, September

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