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Rata Trail$85.00

  • Your skipper will stop at Tonga or Pinnacle Island to view the seals before dropping you off at Totaranui

  • You will need to cross the Awaroa inlet and can only be crossed around low tide

  • This tour incorporates cruising the length of the Abel Tasman National Park

  • There are some lovely beaches readily accessible from the track. Goat bay is one of these and the track travels the entire length of this beach.

Aqua Taxi to Totaranui, walk 2.5 - 3 hours to Awaroa Lodge, where you can purchase lunch (booking advisable). A highly recommended walk but only possible when low tide falls between 11:00am and 3:00pm.

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Rata Trail Journey

  • 1 Aqua Taxi from Marahau & Kaiteriteri to Anchorage


    You will pass several off-shore islands which provide a protected habitat for native wildlife. This stretch of water is called the Astrolabe Roadstead named by Dumont Durville. Roadstead was a term early seafarers used to describe safe sheltered waters.

    Places of interest: Kaiteriteri, Aqua Taxi Marahau Base, Aqua Taxi Kaiteriteri Base, Marahau, Split Apple Rock, Anchorage, Te Pukeatea Bay, Adele Island, Fisherman Island, Torrent Bay

  • 2 Aqua Taxi from Anchorage to Bark Bay


    This stretch of coastline can only be viewed from the water. You will see lots of interesting rocky outcrops and rock formations. Sandfly Bay and Falls River are beautiful spots. On a high tide (and time dependent) you can go up Falls River and see the people walking across the Swing Bridge.

    Places of interest: Anchorage, Torrent Bay, Bark Bay

  • 3 Aqua Taxi from Bark Bay to Onetahuti


    You are entering the middle of the Tonga Island Marine Reserve. You will see Tonga Island prominent in the distance which has one of the largest seal populations in the park. All of our boats hold a marine mammal viewing permit - so we can view all marine life from a distance of 20 metres. We stop at Tonga or Pinnacle Island and spend time viewing the seals

    Places of interest: Onetahuti Beach, Tonga Island

  • 4 Aqua Taxi from Onetahuti to Awaroa


    This stretch of coastline crosses the boundary of the Tonga Island Marine Reserve. You will see a lot of interesting eroded granite; take note of the colours caused by iron oxide and granite. Pass the inlet for Shag Harbour mostly accessible by kayak on a high tide. Look out for a huge round boulder similar to split apple rock - (estimated the size of a small house) sitting out on its own in the azure waters.

    Places of interest: Onetahuti Beach, Tonga Island, Awaroa Beach

  • 5 Aqua Taxi from Awaroa to Totaranui

    Forest and sea look like they merge on this coastal section. Crossing the large open bay that joins Totaranui and Awaroa you will see what looks like endless long golden beaches.

    Places of interest: Awaroa Beach, Totaranui Beach

  • 6 Walk from Totaranui to Awaroa


    This section is 2 hrs and 5.5 kms in length. The Awaroa inlet can only be crossed at low tide, up to one and a half hours before low tide and up to two hours after it. At Totaranui there is a small Department of Conservation visitor centre and the largest campground in the park.

    Places of interest: Awaroa Lodge, Awaroa Beach, Totaranui Beach

  • 7 Aqua Taxi return journey from Awaroa to Marahau & Kaiteriteri

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