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Totaranui Day Out$58.00

  • At Onetahuti beach/Tonga Quarry you can see Tonga Island which is surrounded by the marine reserve

  • At Tonga Quarry you can see still remnants of the quarry and see leftover drilled slabs of granite

There are two trip options that allow for either a shorter or longer walk.

Option 1: Depart Totaranui to Onetahuti Beach (via the Seal Colony), walk to Awaroa and catch the return Aqua Taxi to Totaranui.

Option 2: Depart Totaranui to Bark Bay (via the Seal Colony), walk to Awaroa and catch the return Aqua Taxi to Totaranui (only available on the 11am departure with this option).

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Totaranui Day Out Journey

  • 1 Aqua Taxi from Totaranui to Awaroa

    Forest and sea look like they merge on this coastal section. Crossing the large open bay that joins Totaranui and Awaroa you will see what looks like endless long golden beaches.

    Places of interest: Awaroa Beach, Totaranui Beach

  • 2 Aqua Taxi from Awaroa to Onetahuti


    This stretch of coastline crosses the boundary of the Tonga Island Marine Reserve. You will see a lot of interesting eroded granite; take note of the colours caused by iron oxide and granite. Pass the inlet for Shag Harbour mostly accessible by kayak on a high tide. Look out for a huge round boulder similar to split apple rock - (estimated the size of a small house) sitting out on its own in the azure waters.

    Places of interest: Onetahuti Beach, Tonga Island, Awaroa Beach

  • 3 Option 2 only: Aqua Taxi from Onetahuti to Bark Bay


    You are entering the middle of the Tonga Island Marine Reserve. You will see Tonga Island prominent in the distance which has one of the largest seal populations in the park. All of our boats hold a marine mammal viewing permit - so we can view all marine life from a distance of 20 metres. We stop at Tonga or Pinnacle Island and spend time viewing the seals

    Places of interest: Onetahuti Beach, Tonga Island

  • 4 Option 2 only: Walk from Bark Bay to Onetahuti


    The walk between Bark Bay and Onetahuti Beach will take about 2 hrs and is 6.1kms in length. Bark Bay got its name from the time when trees there were originally stripped of their bark to be used in a Nelson tannery. Onetahuti Beach looks out across Tonga Bay. Tonga is the Maori word for south and is also the name of the Marine Reserve; the third in New Zealand to be next to a national park.

    Places of interest: Bark Bay, Onetahuti Beach

  • 5 Walk from Onetahuti to Awaroa


    Crossing over the low hills between Onetahuti Beach and Awaroa is a nice walk. Look out for the large Mamuku - the largest tree fern in New Zealand.

    Places of interest: Onetahuti Beach, Awaroa Lodge, Awaroa Beach

  • 6 Aqua Taxi return journey from Awaroa to Totaranui

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